Christmas in Albany and January
family holiday to Rottnest Island
Neat picture from outside "Whale World"
in Albany
Brian and the girls walking over the rocks at
Madfish Bay near Albany
MacKenna at Madfish Bay
MacKenna at outlook at Elephant
Rocks near Albany
MacKenna at Two Peoples Bay,
Christmas Day 2007
MacKenna and Caitlyn in one of the
hollowed out giant Karri trees at the
Tree Top walk
Caitlyn playing at Madfish Bay near Albany
Two Peoples Bay
Our campsite in Albany: Santa hats, tinsel, signs, and
lights all helped get us in the mood for Christmas despite
the warm weather!
Bay and whaling ship at Whale World in Albany
The Salmon Holes, near Albany
The Waterfall, as it is called, near Albany
Deb meets a Black Cockatoo while at Dinosaur World
Brian and Caitlyn meet another feathered friend at
Dinosaur World
A Carpet Python (common in the area) makes himself
comfy on Brian's hat at Dinosaur World
Deb, MacKenna, and Caitlyn make their way
around the tree top walk
Rocky Bay
MacKenna and Caitlyn at Rocky Bay
Brian being silly at Rocky Bay