Shell Beach and Hamelin Pool
These first photos are of Shell Beach, so called because of sand, the entire
beach is made up of tiny cockle shells. Huge and shallow, the bay was very
warm! Lots of tiny fish were swimming around and you could wade out
until you became just a tiny speck in the distance!
Marisa is that tiny speck in the center of this pic!
And she is still only half way up her calfs!!  
Cool, huh???
Caitlyn has enough for
the day and gets cranky.
Daddy has to carry her
off the beach.
The following photos are of Hamelin Pool and the stromatolites
that live there. They may just look like mushroom shaped rocks,
but they are made up of living organisms millions of years old.
They also use this area to cut out large blocks made up of
"cemented" shells to replace broken blocks from the
surrounding buildings. Years ago this "concrete-like" blocks
were used for much of the building in the area as other building
materials were scarce.
Closer look at the shell blocks they cut out for building
These are stomatolites that have died due to
dropping sea levels ove rthe years
Due to this "mat" only growing 1 cm every 30 years,
wagon ruts from over 60 years ago are still visible.